Chicken MDM Manufacturer

The main pillar of our company is the production of mechanically recovered poultry meat (MRPM)
of 1 mm in diameter. The annual volume is 25 thousand tons of finished product.
Our plant pursues in-house  control  procedures according to HACCP, GHP, GMP, and the skilled staff monitors the material on an on-going basis at every single production stage. We also guarantee each batch is supervised during the entire technological process until it reaches the customer.
Our frozen and meticulously selected product is sold to the biggest producers of the meat industry. We sell around  95% of our production to foreign markets.
We have the state-of-the-art machinery. Using it with fresh meat and incorporating the idea of honesty towards the customer, we are proud to be reliable merchants, offer the highest quality and consistency of product for the best price.
The company P.P.H.U. Greta-Plus Anna Greta puts the customers’ satisfaction as the highest priority.

About Company

We are a Polish company which have been operating on the market of meat products since 1991.
The strong growth of enterprise resulted in the moving of the headquarters in 2013 to the newly built plant, located in Brzeziny, of an area of more than 2000 sq. m. The facility has on-board the state-of-the-art production machines and sanitary equipment.
The company little by little pursues the complex policy of production development. Despite numerous changes, it continuously introduces new technologies to reduce costs and enhance the effectiveness of employees and equipment. This lets us offer only the highest quality services to our customers.
P.P.H.U. Greta-Plus Anna Greta has ordered a modern heat recovery system taking the input from refrigerating equipment to supply the heating power needs of the plant.
The heating power needs of the plant are covered with recovery heat exchangers of refrigerating equipment. This is totally sufficient for the entire central heating system and preparation of hot water.
Note that the heat recovery system was designed to be a very eco-friendly system which uses energy irretrievably lost and going out to the atmosphere. It was implemented with the use of the state-of-the-art equipment. Most plants of this kind barely use it.

To satisfy and please our customers, what we rely on is the quality of our products.

  • Heat recovery,
  • Hot water,
  • Central heating system,
  • We have certificates proving we meet all and any EU and legal standards,
  • Veterinary approval number,
  • Eco-friendly production proces.

As a customer, you get a professional assistance, timely lead times and advantageous prices.


We is it worth it to cooperate with us?

  • GRETA-PLUS is a strong rand, well known and goodly associated on either Polish and international market.
  • Our qualified personnel, on which we base effectiveness of our company In our plant, in critical points, control system HACCP is functioning.
  • We perfectly know the sector of our activities and we are continually monitor market tendencies.
  • We are tested by many manufactures sale partner.
  • We easily and fast adjusting ourselves to customer needs, our offer meets expectations of most demanding costumers. 
  • GRETA-PLUS is managed in modern way with use of modern technologies.

How to start cooperation?

All companies interested in cooperating, we are inviting to direct contact with our company. Full contact information, contact form, and map with location, you will find in CONTACT section on our website.